Rodrigo Moreno


Rodrigo Moreno was born in Santiago, Chile and has been a professional editorial and corporate photographer in Toronto since 1992. Servicing a multitude of clients that include Ontario Tourism, Gluckstein Home and a five year tenure as a principal photographer with Boston Avenue Weddings, Moreno has received National recognition for his work in Cuba from the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators. While remaining active as an industry professional Moreno is a true documentary photographer, who believes that images can produce change. He has received countless awards for his work and has been featured in major newspapers in Toronto. He has appeared on City TV, Sun Television, CTV and CBC radio on numerous occasions. His work will be the subject of a made for television documentary called “Shift Focus” airing on Omni Television in the summer of 2008. He has also received and Honourable Mention, from Canadian Living Magazine, in the “Me to We” awards, for creating a photography club that empowers youth in the Lawrence Heights community. He has exhibited work in various galleries across Toronto and his recent exhibition was not only selected as one of the must see exhibits, among the Contact Photography Festival, but received a four star (NNNN) rating from Now Magazine, while the Globe and Mail’s Gary Michael Dault’s summed it up as.........

“Moreno’s photographs are not escapist or in any way roseate attempts to cover up or otherwise displace serious social problems. They are much larger than that. They are, in the end, a rather ennobling testament to the triumph of the human spirit, which is everywhere threatened by compromise.”

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